Appointment Request stuckiortho specialist for orthodontics bernOrthodontics is a professional dental method for correcting tooth and jaw misalignments. It not only improves the aesthetic appearance, but also promotes the health of teeth and jaws. Corrections to the position of teeth are possible in both children and adults and are no longer uncommon in older patients.

Crooked teeth, gaps between teeth and incorrect position of the jawbone not only affect the appearance, they also affect the chewing function and health of the entire set of teeth. By using the latest techniques and materials, tooth position corrections are carried out almost invisibly in our specialist orthodontic practice. Brackets («braces») made of body-friendly materials or transparent plastic splints (aligners) are used. With Nivellipso and Invisalign, modern treatment techniques are available that discreetly and effectively correct misaligned teeth.

Modern lingual technology («Lingual Brackets») uses invisible braces that are attached to the inside of the teeth. They are inconspicuous and offer a high level of comfort.

In our practice, we practice orthodontics with sensitivity and treat tooth and jaw misalignments of all kinds. With a diverse repertoire of orthodontic techniques and methods, we advocate for our patients – professionally, competently and sensitively. 

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