Specialists in Orthodontics SSO are all members of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) and therefore obliged to apply the same tariff as SSO dentists. This tariff is contractually regulated.

In our practice the tax point value for all patients is uniformly CHF 3.10 (social tariff) or according to the new dentist tariff CHF 1.00. This is regardless of whether a private patient, a standard benefit according to health insurance law or disability insurance are involved.

The level of costs for an orthodontic treatment basically depends directly on the time and effort required (e.g. type and duration of the treatment). On request, a detailed, written quotation following the first discussion about treatment will explain the exact future costs of the treatment to the patient.

According to the law on health insurance valid throughout Switzerland, health insurance funds are only obliged to meet the costs of orthodontic treatment for precisely defined clinical conditions. Patients can find out more about the relevant supplementary dental insurance options from their health insurance fund.

Orthodontic treatment costs incurred are covered by disability insurance in very specific circumstances. This means jaw misalignments deviating from the norm, which can be identified by X-rays of the skull.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are uncertain about anything.