It is important to take extra care after the treatment. This is why there are a few general rules about what to do during the healing phase which patients should observe:

  • After the procedure do not clean the teeth in the area of the operation and avoid hard, solid foods. Rinsing with chlorhexidine may be advisable.
  • Carefully clean the outside and inside surfaces of the teeth in the operation area. The first few hours and the first night after a surgical procedure in the mouth area are especially crucial. Do not talk too much while the local anaesthetic is still causing numbness. A nerve block in the lower jaw will numb the soft tissues of the cheek, tongue and lip. This means there is a risk that patients will often bite on these tissues – resulting in appreciable swelling.
  • If you absolutely cannot avoid talking, you should talk through closed teeth. Slight difficulty in being heard is offset by greatly minimised potential for swelling.
  • Cool the treated area as much as possible in the first 48 hours. Ideally with a damp, cool face cloth. The more intense the cooling, the less the tendency to swelling.
  • If possible, sleep with your head slightly elevated on a firm support (wedge or similar). Thick pillows mean warmth, which in turn increases the circulation and, as a result, causes more severe swelling.
  • Slight postoperative bleeding in the first few hours is not unusual. Heavier bleeding can be stopped by biting on a clean handkerchief for about 20 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, contact the orthodontist.
  • Take pain-killers as required. Please take note: aspirin should not be taken because of its blood-thinning properties.
  • Make sure you take the antibiotics we have prescribed for you regularly.
  • After the regenerative treatment is completed, thorough oral hygiene and regular check-ups with your dentist are essential.

We wish you a speedy recovery!