Apart from the fact that it is inconspicuous and very comfortable to wear, the invisible brace has lots of other advantages. As self-cleaning is far better on the inside surfaces of the teeth due to the tongue and saliva, damage to the dental enamel, known as demineralisation, occurs much less frequently than on the outside surfaces of the teeth. This prevents unsightly decalcification spots from appearing around the brackets, even when oral hygiene is poor.
Using this technique, the brackets, the thin metal plates, are bonded onto the inside surface of the teeth. The brackets and the attached archwires are custom-made. Thanks to modern CAD/CAM technology, they are considerably flatter and smaller than the traditional models. A computer-controlled bending robot bends the wires, bringing the teeth into the correct position individually and with the utmost precision for each individual patient. Furthermore, the desired tooth movements are already programmed into the bracket system. This guarantees fast as well as gentle treatment with excellent results. Treatment progress is quickly and clearly visible from the outset with the lingual technique.