Nowadays orthodontic treatment of adults is not at all unusual. More and more people are getting misalignments corrected in adulthood.

Generally speaking, there are no longer any real age restrictions to orthodontic treatment and tooth movement and correction can be done right into old age. The basic prerequisite is that the periodontal tissues are healthy. Even extreme malpositioning of the teeth can be corrected in elderly patients. In principle, the indication for adult treatment is identical to that for younger patients.

The treatment techniques specifically tailored to the needs of adults help to overcome natural inhibitions. In a nutshell, adult treatments should be invisible and cause as little inconvenience in daily life as possible.

The corrections can be carried out invisibly, primarily using the new splint systems – invisalign® from America and nivellipso® from Switzerland. The lingual technique is another invisible method, where brackets are bonded onto the inside surfaces of the teeth.

Functional and/or cosmetic problems can also be treated. As the nature and length of treatment vary in each patient, an individual treatment plan is drawn up at the start.